The Story

Lusso Supply Company.

Founded in 2015, Lusso Supply Co. launched its Grand Opening in the 7-1-8 . Lusso Supply Co. is an opulent streetwear line with the intended goal of making everyone wonder what store you shop in. It's well known, but it still has the allure of something that is not seen everyday. If you are wondering where our name comes from then we have already succeeded in peaking your interest- something that you will experience often from others when you wear our products. Lusso, translated from "luxury" in Italian, was created for our #lussofamily that wants to put more than just a brand on them.

Each Lusso Supply item acquires a story behind it because to us, anything luxurious has an adventure to accompany it. It is our goal to make each member of our Lusso Family feel as if they have just purchased a highly sought after item, anxious to show off their new treasure to those "in the know". Each of our items are elegantly packaged with a custom finish, because throwing apparel in a shopping bag is too predicable.

Lusso Supply Co. is open to new family members at any given time so if you haven't already, we welcome you with open arms to come join the Lusso Famiglia.