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Junior “TYG” Younan Returns ...with some BIG news!!

Junior “TYG” Younan Returns ...with some BIG news! Following a UD victory over Derrick Findley in March of 2019, the Undefeated super middleweight contender Junior “TYG” Younan, (15-0-1, 10 KOs), has been patiently waiting to return to the ring and is ready for “all of the smoke”.  The Brooklyn born fighter, who has been climbing his way to the top , has informed us that he will announce his return later this week in card you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for the big news. 🥊🥊    P.S. : Did somebody say "Lusso x TYG" ? -Frank Fallacaro Photo Credit:  

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY , Catherina Cassiliano had big dreams to enter the into the fashion industry at a young age. She spent countless hours in her room sketching, designing & sewing pieces of fabric together to create outfits. She always thought she’d be a fashion designer in the future, until one random night she found herself flipping through the channels on her TV. Suddenly young Catherina stumbled upon the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Catherina began to recall her dreams she had of modeling back when she was about 9 years old. After one of her first photo shoots back in 2009, she realized that she loved everything that modeling consisted of. From that point on she continued  to...

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LUSSO VEIL: BRINGING THE HIJAB TO THE STREETS "WELCOMING THE HIJAB INTO STREET FASHION"   “Do THEY make you wear it?” “Aren’t you hot in that thing?” “Are you forced to wear it?” “Do you have hair underneath?” “Are you bald?”  “Do you shower with it on?” “How come you are trying to make a fashion statement?”  “Do you ever take it off?”  The list goes on...   To some it is misunderstood. To the brave women who decide to wear it, it is a modest way of life that goes back thousands of years, shared by followers of many faiths.   In collaboration with our SUPPORT REALNESS movement, we’d like to publicly announce our first veiled model from New...

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